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Travel on your own schedule, in-style and luxury on a private charter with us. Each aircraft in our fleet offers individualized amenities, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure. Through our platform, you’ll have access to thousands of destinations domestically and internationally, without the inconveniences of commercial flights.

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We set out to make chartering a plane more efficient & accommodating, while saving you time & money. Our platform gives you the ability to book a private charter flight, and decide to offer any extra seats to your friends or network of members. As a member, you can browse our database of Planeshare flights initiated and buy empty seats to get you to your next adventure.

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It doesn't matter if you are flying one way or round trip, punch in your parameters and we'll help you find the best aircraft for your flight.

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Create a flight and give access to friends and members to join. Meet the minimum passenger amount and everyone will save on their next trip.

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Book any open seats on both round trip and one-way Planeshare flights initiated by our members and get to your destination in style.

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As an owner of a plane, our platform gives you the ability to sell any empty seats on your upcoming flights. Decide to Planeshare your flight to our members and earn money back.

First Class Service & Support

Let us take the lead in ensuring your next private charter flight is exceptional from the moment you are inspired to travel. We provide heightened luxury and individualized in-flight services, whether you’re flying for business or pleasure.

Skip the Busy Terminal

Tired of crowded airports? Us too. It’s why we offer private chartered flights to thousands of destinations around the world — whether you’re flying for business or pleasure. Avoid TSA, skip lines, and say goodbye to busy airport terminals.

Industry-leading Safety

At Advanced Air Charters, the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is our top priority. We have the certifications and resources necessary to ensure safe air travel to all destinations.

Air Charter Safety Foundation

The foundation leads and supports the advancement of the highest safety standards available to allow the business, charter and fractional ownership industry to offer the safest air transportation products in the world and to provide objective information about these standards and services to the public.

Argus Platinum Rating

The world’s most prestigious third-party vetting system for charter operations. This Platinum rating is granted only to operators who, after completing a rigorous operations, maintenance, and safety audit by industry experts, demonstrate that their procedures meet what is considered to be the “best practices.”

IS-BAO Stage II Certified

IS-BAO Stage II Certified: A code deemed by the International Business Aviation Council to be the best practices designed for achieving high levels of safety and professionalism for business aircraft operations.

Bars Flight Safety

Bars Safety Program is a risk-based model framed against the actual threats posed to aviation operations, particularly those that occur within challenging and remote environments. It directly links these threats to associated controls, recovery and mitigation measures as opposed to outdated and prescriptive formats previously used within a number of industry sectors.

Our Fleet

Experience a range of luxury aircraft to accommodate your private charter travel needs. We strive to deliver the most value for every flight and believe it begins with selecting the right aircraft for your destination.

Challenger 300

Form and Function. The Challenger 300 was designed with a no-compromise approach that continues to define the super mid-size category. Enjoy superior comfort, exceptional performance, and unmatched versatility in class. With a double club executive seating arrangement, this aircraft is the perfect solution for your coast-to-coast travels or long-haul, over-water Hawaiian flights.

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Learjet 75

The Learjet 75 series sets the standard for Super-Light aircraft with increased speed, range, and baggage capacity. This Bombardier Aerospace light jet excels in all flight conditions while providing a quieter flight experience. The cost-effective light jet features two double seating arrangements, but its speed and economy are what made it famous. The Learjet 75 also features an Auxiliary Power Unit that can keep your cabin cool while sitting on the hot ramp and be a game-changer on those hot sunny days. This aircraft is the best of the light jet category.

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King Air 350

The King Air 350 aircraft is the world’s most popular business turboprop. Its track record of success and reputation for building companies remains strong after fifty years of continuous innovation. True to its iconic name, the King Air 350 rules the skies with legendary performance that includes more payload, greater range, and a quieter interior.

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Dornier 328 Jet

The Dornier 328 Jet combines comfort and performance. This 30-passenger regional airliner can transport you up to 1000 nautical miles from your destination. A favorite of Fortune 500 companies and sports teams, the Dornier 328 twin-engine jet airliner has exceptional performance capabilities in mountainous airports. It is clean, comfortable, and sleek for any mission within the region. The Dornier 328 Jet offers a stand-up cabin, flight attendant, and 261 cubic feet of baggage space.

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Pilatus PC-12

The world’s greatest single-engine. Crafted in Switzerland, nothing else compares. The Pilatus PC-12 has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability, and operational flexibility. The PC12 is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today. Whether it’s the large cabin, long-range, short-field capability, or precision Swiss engineering and construction, passengers find the perfect balance of features to serve their needs in the PC-12.

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